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ᐊᓪᓗᕐᕕᒃᑯᑦ ᓂᐅᕕᐊᒃᓴᖏᑦ

Allurvik Product Services

Allurvik Products

ᐊᓪᓗᕐᕕᒃᑯᑦ ᓂᐅᕕᐊᒃᓴᖏᑦ

ᐊᓪᓗᕐᕕᒃᑯᑦ ᐃᑲᔪᕈᓐᓇᖅᐳᑦ ᑭᓐᖑᖅᑕᓐᓂᒃ ᑭᓱᓂᒃ ᓂᐅᕕᕋᑦᓴᓂᒃ. ᐊᓪᓗᕐᕕᒃᑯᓐᓂ ᓴᓇᔨᐅᔪᖅ ᐃᓕᓴᐱ ᑕᐃᕕᑎ ᐊᓐᓂᕐᒥᐅᖅ ᓴᓇᐅᒐᖏᑦ ᐃᓄᐃᑦ ᑐᓐᓂᓕᐅᕈᓯᖏᓐᓂᒃ ᐊᒻᒪᓗ ᕿᓯᕋᔭᓐᓂᒃ. ᓂᐅᕕᐊᒃᓴᑦ ᐊᑐᐃᓐᓇᐅᔪᑦ ᓂᐅᕕᖅᑕᐅᔪᓐᓇᓲᖑᕗᑦ ᐊᑕᐅᓯᐅᖏᑦᑑᓗᑎᒃ ᐊᔾᔨᐅᖏᑦᑐᒥᒃ ᐱᓂᐊᕐᓂᐅᔪᓂ ᑲᑎᒪᔾᔪᐊᕐᓂᐅᔪᓂᓪᓗ. Allurvik can help you with your product needs. Allurvik Products range from Notebooks, beanies, sealskin jewelry, leggings and a variety of crafts and clothing. We can help you with purchasing our items for conferences and meetings.


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